CGAL Workshop



The CGAL Open Source Project,, offers a half-day course at the SPM/SMI conferences. The schedule of this course will be aligned with the sessions at SPM and the presentations will be self-contained, so that SPM/SMI attendees can join for just the CGAL topics they are interested in.

  • CGAL in a Nutshell: An overview of the algorithms and data structures of CGAL, basically through demos. No theory, no detailed explanations of the API. A word about dual licensing (GPL/commercial).
  • In Depth - Polygon Mesh Processing: This session covers algorithms such as simplification, remeshing, skeletonization, segmentation, Boolean operations, hole filling, slicing, as well as some low level components such as the AABB tree, the KD tree, and the streamed box intersection algorithm.
  • In Depth - Mesh Generation: This session covers 2D mesh generation, as well as 3D surface and tetrahedral volume mesh generation for input coming from voxel data,implicit functions, polyhedral surfaces. We also present algorithms for periodic domains.
  • How to Contribute: Learn more about the organization of the CGAL project, the benefits for contributors and what happens with their intellectual property.

After the course we will be around to discuss problems you encounter with CGAL, to hear about your wishlist, to discuss with you about your potential contribution, in case you have some research result, prototype, or mature software you would like to contribute.

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